Service Description of Telecommunications Services

1. KInza GmbH provides the technology for inexpensive calls between telephones in Germany and abroad.

2. This technology consists of a software that the customer can obtain from KInza GmbH and install on his terminal device (e.g. mobile phone) without any additional costs. The use of this software is governed by the software license agreement between KInza GmbH and the customer. By means of this software, the customer makes a call to an exchange of KInza GmbH. From there, his call is directed to the desired subscriber number, provided this is technically possible.

3. The connection to the exchange of KInza GmbH requires a call via the customers' telecommunications provider (e.g. Telekom). KInza GmbH has no influence on the quality of this call.

4. The total cost of the call comprises the cost of the call to the exchange of KInza GmbH (basic costs) and from there to the phone number dialed by the customer (exchange costs). In individual cases, additional costs of third parties (additional costs) may be incurred.

5. The basic costs depend on the customer's agreement with his telecommunications provider for the call from his terminal device to a landline number in Germany. KInza GmbH has no influence on these costs.

6. The exchange costs depend on the terms and conditions outlined by KInza GmbH. These are displayed to the customer at the Web site ( and announced when a call is made. No comparison is made with the terms and conditions of other users (least-cost routing). The customer is responsible for selecting the most economic call method. Calls via KInza GmbH may not always be more inexpensive than calling the desired phone number directly.

7. Additional costs may be incurred when the customer calls a special phone number. By calling the provider of a special phone number, an agreement comes into force between the customer and this provider. KInza GmbH has no influence on these costs.

8. Calling the special phone numbers 09xxx and using added-value services is not possible when using KInza GmbH.

9. Due to technical reasons, calls made via KInza GmbH may be subject to fluctuations in the voice quality.